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Pan European  Business Analytics Forum III
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"The Social Effect in CRM through Business Analytics"

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Adira Srinu
Aggelis Vasilis, Ph.D
Deligiannakis Loukas
Etlinger Susan
Kanioura Athina, Ph.D
Manassakis Manolis
Nikolopoulos Vassilis, Ph.D
Pateli Korinna, Ph.D
Sousis Ilias
Tsiptsis Konstantinos
Mitropoulos George
Papadoglou Nick, Ph.D
Siniolakis Constantinos, Ph.D

Adira Srinu

Manager, Business Solutions - Data Services, LinkedIn U.S.A.
Adira SrinuPassionate about solving business and technology problems involving big data. Srinu has been working in internet industry for the past 14+ years - leadership experience spanning various industries (Advertising, Search, E–commerce, Professional Networking).
At Linkedin, for the last four and half years, he has been providing architectural guidance and solutions leadership to enable big data to drive cutting edge analytics. These analytical solutions (built on big data infrastructure) are extensively leveraged across the organization to propel various business driven initiatives.
Big Data ecosystem and LinkedIn's Analytics
High level overview of Linkedin big data ecosystem and analytics framework involving various systems and tools/technologies (both open and commercial) with special emphasis on offline data (data warehouse). As part of big data architecture ecosystem, I will provide an overview of technology usage for end-to-end data processing. For analytics overview, I will provide various analytical business use cases across the LinkedIn. LinkedIn Analytics span across Marketing, Product, Sales and Finance.

Also, I will analyze

  • Ways of utilizing Social Network Analysis within Linkedin focusing on the role of leader opinions
    • LinkedIn leverages data analytics in the form of user base segmentation to focus on various targeted audience. Social graph analysis such as connectivity is used for identifying a given user/opinion leader's function area. Besides segmentation and connectivity, LinkedIn also leverages user's engagement activity to understand behavioral aspects to improve user experience.

  • Ways of using Linkedin and SNA for LinkedIn ads
    • Audience segmentation analytics are used for accurate targeting of LinkedIn ads to enrich product usage experience. Segmentation includes (but not limited to) demographic and geographic attributes of a given user/audience.

  • How HR departments can utilize and maximize efficiency for their recruitments.
    • HR needs are fulfilled based on recruiting opportunities amongst LinkedIn's user population's intent. LinkedIn's extensive features such as near unlimited searching (Recruiter product feature), job seeker setting, skills and endorsements are extensively leveraged to identify the prospects. LinkedIn is all about connecting talent with opportunity as massive scale. LinkedIn connects recruiters with job seeker segments.
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Aggelis Vasilis, Ph.D

Senior Manager, Customer Insights and Campaign Management, Piraeus Bank SA
Aggelis Vasilis, Ph.DVasilis Aggelis is a Senior Manager in the Retail Banking Business Development Division at Piraeus Bank.
His relation with the banking sector was established in 2001, working as an Internet Banking Project and Product Manager at EGNATIA BANK.
In March 2005 he joined Piraeus Bank.

Mr. Aggelis holds a Computer Engineering and Informatics diploma from the University of Patras, Greece, as well as a Master's degree in Banking (Greek Open University) and a PhD in Data Mining from the University of Patras, Greece.

Mr. Aggelis has published many academic papers at international conferences and in scientific journals, related with data mining applications in banking datasets. Also, he is the author of several books.
Participation to the Round Table Discussion
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Deligiannakis Loukas

CRM Competency Leader ECEMEA - Oracle
Deligiannakis LoukasLoukas Deligiannakis is Oracle’s CRM Competency Leader in ECEMEA. He leads CRM presales activities across East & Central Europe, Middle East and African countries.
Mr. Deligiannakis has worked for the past 20 years on various positions in the Software industry, most of them related to Customer Relationship and Experience Management.
During his time with Oracle he has focused on positioning Oracle’s Customer Experience Solutions including targeted Marketing, Intelligent Offers, Loyalty Management, Mobile CRM and Social Media Solutions across various industries.
Mr. Deligiannakis holds a B.Sc. from UMIST, an M.Sc. from University of London and an MBA from Surrey University’s European Management School.
Harnessing Social Interactions to Drive Customer Experiences
Social Media presence, interaction and monitoring is now days one of the main influencing factors in Customer Experience. Analyzing what your customers are saying in Social Media and responding accordingly is of paramount importance for companies towards increasing their brand, products and services positive perception. Oracle's Social & Customer Relationship Management suite helps top companies around the globe to deliver a consistent and superior Customer Experience through multiple Social Channels and different Media.
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Etlinger Susan

Industry Analyst at Altimeter Group, San Francisco, U.S.A.
Etlinger SusanSusan Etlinger is an industry analyst at Altimeter Group, where she works with global companies to develop both social media listening and measurement strategies that support their business objectives. Susan has a diverse background in marketing and strategic planning within both corporations and agencies. She’s a frequent speaker on social media and analytics and has been extensively quoted in outlets including Fast Company, BBC, National Public Radio, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Find her on Twitter at @setlinger and at her blog, Thought Experiments, at
The Social Media ROI Cookbook
The volatility of social data and the pace of change mean that tried-and-true measurement methods are no longer enough. Social data is different. This session will discuss the inherent challenges of social data, how global organizations measure its value, and how social data is being integrated into enterprise decision-making.
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Kanioura Athina, Ph.D

Lead Scientist for Accenture Analytics & Marketing Services (AAMS) and Head of IGEM for AAMS
Kanioura Athina, Ph.DAthina Kanioura is the Lead Scientist for Accenture Analytics and Marketing Services (AAMS) and Head of IGEM for AAMS.

Athina specializes in econometrical analytics focusing on trade merchandising, improving marketing / communication effectiveness and optimizing marketing mix budgets, customer infused analytics, pricing and promotional effectiveness.

Athina has had 8 years of practical experience in marketing-mix and promo mathematical modeling techniques, marketing strategy optimization, sales forecasting, statistical and econometrical data analysis, data-mining and market simulation techniques.

Prior to Accenture, Athina has previously worked for 4 years in the University of Sheffield as a Lecturer in Economics/Econometrics.

Regarding her academic background, Athina holds a B.Sc. in Maritime Economics from the University of Piraeus, a M.Sc. in Economics and Finance from the University of Sheffield as well as a PhD in Macroeconomics and Econometrics from the University of Sheffield.
Predictive analytics in the era of social media
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Manassakis Manolis

Domestic Sales Manager, Google Greece
Manassakis ManolisManolis holds the position of Domestic Sales Manager at Google Greece, looking after the FMCG, Technology and Entertainment industries. He acts as a trusted advisor to industry-leading companies based in Greece, Cyprus & Malta, regarding their online marketing and sales strategy.

Prior to joining Google, Manolis practiced corporate law in London. He holds an LLB from the University of Athens and an LLM in Corporate & Commercial Law from the London School of Economics and Political Science. He is an MBA candidate at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Class 2015.

In his free time, Manolis enjoys windsurfing, chess and literature.
Going Viral on YouTube
Manolis will talk about the factors which enable content creators to make their videos viral in the online community and about the metrics and data which reflect virality.
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Mitropoulos George

Director, Management Consultants, ICAP
Mitropoulos GeorgeGeorge Mitropoulos is a Director of ICAP Management Consultants since 2010, heading a team who uniquely combines a superior, industry-focused, consultative approach, with wide experience in Analytics and Data Management; thus providing measurable competitive advantage to Finance, Marketing and Technology Executives of market-leading organizations.

Prior to his current position, George worked for Sun Microsystems, in several regional business development & management positions, moving within the Emerging Markets of Southeast Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Following a variety of labor jobs that he proudly undertook as a student, George initiated his 17-year professional career in the UK, where he worked for IBM and for specialized Consultancies in the Banking and Insurance sector.

His diverse academic background includes Bachelor’s degrees in Computer Information Systems and in Plant Production & Biosystems, as well as Master’s degrees in Information Systems and in Business Administration.

George is the proud father of three boys and spends his scarce free time practicing Aikido and Krav Maga.
Coordinator of the Round Table Discussion
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Nikolopoulos Vassilis, Ph.D

CEO & co-founder of Intelen
Nikolopoulos Vassilis, Ph.DDr. Vassilis Nikolopoulos is the CEO and co-founder of Intelen, one of the most dynamic and emerging Greek start-ups, in the domain of smart grid applications and energy information systems, which recently completed a first seed investment round. From 2005 to 2010, Vassilis worked on technical trend forecasting methodologies and innovation management procedures, focusing on the Big Data problems applied to Utilities and the Energy Sector (Smart Grids).

Recently, the US VC magazine Red herring voted Intelen as one of the top-100 most innovative companies in Europe and in the same year Intelen won the global award 2010 from red herring, as being in the top-100 in the world. In 2011, Intelen starts its deployment and expansion to Silicon Valley and Boston. Also, in 2011 Vassilis’ company is recognized as a best practice in eco-innovation by OECD and also wins the World Smart Grid Innovation contest by Siemens (2011), applying disruptive methodologies to big data decision problems on energy streaming information from smart meters. Currently, Intelen deploys smart meters and cloud meter data management services for utilities and big corporate customers in Greece, Cyprus and the US (California and Boston), handling complex real-time energy information downs to secs and providing energy decision making in real-time for the billion smart grid market sector.

He is a valedictorian Electrical Engineer from Dundee University, Scotland. He also holds a Master’s Degree and Diploma in Control theory from the Imperial College in London, specializations in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from LSE, Engineering majors from the Ecole Polytechnique of Paris and finished his PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering at NTUA, focused on real-time big data decision making.
Participation to the Round Table Discussion
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Papadoglou Nick, Ph.D

Corporate Product Marketing Manager at Hellas Online
Papadoglou Nick, Ph.DDr. Nick Papadoglou is responsible for the design and operation of the business product portfolio and budget of hellas online.

Nick started his career in the UK in 1996, as a software developer in manufacturing companies (Rockwell) and later on as an IT consultant for financial institutions such as Merrill Lynch & Morgan Stanley.

He has over 15 years of experience in the wireless and wireline telecommunications industry, including senior roles in WIND and Vodafone Group. His knowledge spans research & development, product marketing, operations, marketing and business development. In his current role, he directs the complete business-to-business product portfolio and wholesale revenues. He also holds the role of developing Cloud services strategy and vision for the fixed carrier and the holding group of companies.

Nick Papadoglou holds a Bachelor’s degree in Control Engineering (BEng) and a PhD in Telecommunications and IP from the University of Sussex.
Coordinator of the 2nd Panel
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Pateli Korinna, Ph.D

Creative Director at Minimedia
Pateli Korinna, Ph.DKorinna Patelis (Phd) is a 20 year internet veteran. She has worked across internet businesses and cultures as a consultant and manager, witnessing the webs tranformations at first hand. Her newly established company, Minimedia, offers integrated creative and data mining services producing global campaigns for Greek companies across the social. Korinna brings a wealth of strategic expertise to the social table, from Internet policy consulting on a European level to dirty content production for major web projects and digital advertising. Locally, her insights include working for the Athens 2004 website, producing Greece's first webseries and consulting across the advertising/communications industry. Korinna has taught Internet Studies on a undergrad and graduate level in Greece and abroad, her latest appointment was as an assistant professor at department of Internet Studies at CUT. She holds a Phd on the Internet from the University of London (2000) and Philosophy and Politics University Warwick graduate (1994).
The Smaller Social: Profiling and Unique Markets
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Siniolakis Constantinos, Ph.D

Director, Consulting, PwC
Siniolakis Constantinos, Ph.DDr. Constantinos Siniolakis is the Director of PwC and the Lead Practitioner for Technology in Greece. Constantinos holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Oxford and he has been in the consulting industry for the past fifteen years. During these years he has worked for numerous multinational organizations and has built extensive cross-industry experience in Information Technology, Operations, Project and Quality Management and Performance Improvement.

Some of his clients include: Vodafone Group, Deutsche Telekom Group, WIND Group, Hellenic Telecommunications Operator, Hellas Online, Hellenic Post, Hellenic Public Power Corporation, Hellenic Petroleum, Hellenic Ministry of Transportation, Hellenic Ministry of Finance. Constantinos is a Certified Information Security Auditor (CISA).
Coordinator of the 1st Panel
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Sousis Ilias

Head of Agencies & You Tube, Google
Sousis IliasIlias Sousis is Head of Agencies and YouTube for Google, covering Greece, Cyprus & Malta. Previously, he served as Senior Business Development Manager for the markets of Southern Europe and Africa, based in Google’s European Headquarters in Dublin, Ireland.
In the past, he worked in the field of advertising, while he also founded his own company in clothing.
He studied Economics & Business at the Athens University of Economics and Business and he holds a MBA from INSEAD.
Topic will be announced soon
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Tsiptsis Konstantinos

CRM & Customer Intelligence Head at Eurobank
Internationally experienced Consultant & Speaker on Business Analytics
Author of the book: "Data Mining Techniques in CRM"
Tsiptsis KonstantinosKonstantinos Tsiptsis was born in Athens Greece in 1971. He has an MSc in applied statistics and a working experience in CRM & Customer Intelligence for more than fifteen years. Working for companies such as Vodafone, SPSS & Eurobank, he has in-depth understanding of numerous industries including banking, telephony and retail.

For the last eight years he holds the position of CRM & Customer Intelligence Head in Eurobank, the second biggest financial institution in Greece & Balkans.

He is an internationally experienced consultant and speaker regarding Business Analytics & Relationship Marketing applications. His domains of expertise are mainly strategic CRM, life cycle management, customer segmentation management, direct response marketing and Campaign Management.

He has written the book Data Mining Techniques in CRM: Inside Customer Segmentation, regarding Data mining & segmentation management which became a best seller in Europe.

His vision is to help Companies bridge the gap between technology and its use in high-value marketing applications.
Customer segmentation & advanced social network analysis for getting the maximum of your customer base
Customer segmentation used to be and will keep on being the first step for enterprises aiming to build strong relationships with their customers.

Different types of segmentation are used for supporting strategy development, relationship marketing & new product/service development. Most of the times these applications are applied to individually defined customers ignoring the dimension of strong relations that exist between relatives & friends as well as business partners & associates.

Social Network Analysis is the only way of quantifying the word-of-mouth effect especially in industries where strong relationships among customers can be captured and recorded such as telecommunications, email providers & financial institutions.

This presentation aims to share thoughts about combining segmentation to SNA in order to get into your actual customers’ DNA. Combining these social properties to individuals’ behavior can help an enterprise take its marketing to the next level.

The main topics that will be discussed are the following:
• Multiple Segmentation Techniques in Relationship Marketing
• ‘Social Network Analysis’ the new dimension in Relationship Marketing
• Combining Traditional Segmentation with SNA in order to get into your Customers’ DNA.
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