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Monday, March 21st, 2011
Cotsen Hall:
The American School
of Classical Studies
at Athens
Anapiron Polemou 9
10676, Kolonaki (Athens)

organized by Financial Academy



"Trends in Business Analytics-Perspectives
and Opportunities in the new era ahead"

Speakers of Panels Coordinators of Panels
Aggelis Vasilis
Dr. Athanassopoulos Antreas
Dr. Evgeniou Theodoros
Haros George
Kanioura Athina, Ph.D.
Kokkinos Kyriacos
Madsen Mark
Dr. Maniatis Andreas
Papaevgeniou Ioannis
Sampanis Nikos
Sglavo Udo
Spirtounias Elias
Tsiliras Giannis
Tsiptsis Konstantinos
Dr. Hatzikonstantis Leonidas
Dr. Kyriakopoulos Kyriakos
Dr. Siniolakis Constantinos

Aggelis Vasilis
Senior Manager in Retail Banking Business Development Division in Piraeus Bank
Vasilis Aggelis, is Senior Manager in Retail Banking Business Development Division in Piraeus Bank. His relation with banking sector, established in 2001, working as Internet Banking Project and Product Manager at EGNATIA BANK. In March 2005 he joined Piraeus Bank. Mr. Aggelis holds a Computer Engineering and Informatics diploma from the University of Patras, Greece, as well as a Master's degree in Banking (Greek Open University) and a Ph.D. in Data Mining from the University of Patras, Greece. Mr. Aggelis has published many academic papers in international conferences and scientific journals, related with data mining applications in banking datasets. Also he is the author of several books.
Focusing on Customers’ Needs and Expectations with Analytics.
  • Segmentation & Cross Sell
  • K.R.I.O.S. Model
  • Customer Analysis
  • Benefits
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Dr. Athanassopoulos Antreas
Assistant General Manager of Retail Banking at National Bank of Greece
Antreas Athanassopoulos was appointed Assistant General Manager of Retail Banking at National Bank of Greece in December 2009. He is currently leading the Mortgage, Small Business Lending, Retail Sales, Consumer Credit, Investment Products and Deposits and Card Issuing and Acquiring divisions.
He is a member of the European Financial Management Association (EFMA), the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) and an honorary professor at Warwick Business School.
Since 1997, he is a Professor at ALBA Graduate School and has also been a lecturer at Warwick Business School during the years 1992-1996. He has authored over 40 academic papers in international journals (e.g. Management Science, Journal of Money and Credit Banking, European Journal of Operational Research).
Prior to that, he has served as Deputy General Manager at Eurobank EFG (Small Business Banking segment) and as Division Director (Marketing and Consumer Credit) at the Piraeus banking group.
He has participated in large scale consulting projects in the UK (e.g. Allied Breweries, Natwest, Coral, Home office, PowerGen) as well as in Greece (e.g. ETBA bank, Hellenic Post bank, OTE, etc).
A. Athanassopoulos holds a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics from the University of Patras, a Master’s of Science in Statistics and Operational Research from the University of Essex, a PhD in Management Science from the University of Warwick and a Post-Doc from London Business School.
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Dr. Evgeniou Theodoros
Associate Professor of Decision Sciences and Technology Management
Professor Evgeniou received two BS degrees, one in Computer Science and one in Mathematics, simultaneously from MIT, from where he also graduated first in the MIT dual degrees in Mathematics class. He then also received a PhD from MIT. He has worked, given talks, and consulted with a number of companies in the areas of data mining and business intelligence, customer insights for marketing, and decision making processes. He is a professor at INSEAD since 2001.
Opportunities and Challenges of Business Intelligence
On his presentation, Dr. Evgeniou will argue that, although business intelligence may provide more value to organizations than other technology enabled business initiatives, it is also more challenging to execute. Key challenges will be discussed but also some lessons that can be drawn from other business innovations. In summary, the key statement will be that although the business intelligence path is very challenging, it also promises large payoffs for those who can succeed. The question of “what is business intelligence” will also be discussed.
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Haros George
Executive Director, ICAP People Solutions
George Haros is Executive Director, heading the People Solutions Division at ICAP, since January, 2010, moved from the internal role of Human Capital Director held since September 2007. He holds a seat in the Board of Directors of ICAP Bulgaria EAD, ICAP Serbia, ICAP Employment Solutions SA & ICAP Training Solutions SA.
He has been the Human Resources Mgr in the pharmaceutical firm Wyeth Hellas (now Pfizer) for 9 years, gained the 2006 Best Workplace award and in Cyanamid Hellas (now BASF) for 4 years . He held Senior HR roles of increasing responsibilities within BP Hellas for 7 years, including a development assignment as HR Adviser in BP-Mobil JV in London, UK for 1 year.
He started his career in Greece as a Sales Representative in BP for Western Greece. Previously he worked as a Credit Controller in Groupama - Phoenix in London, UK. (2 years)
Mr. Haros has long experience in Executive Search & Selection as well as in implementing systems of organizational development, performance management, pay and benefits and sales incentives, sales force career ladders etc , for organizations needing either such development / implementation from scratch or altering existing systems to facilitate concurrent cultures.
Mr. Haros is a graduate of the Athens University of Economics & Business (ex ASOEE) and has an MSc in (Service Industry-Tourism) Marketing, from Surrey University, UK. He is certified assessor by HOGAN Assessment.
Using Business Analytics to enhance value through people
According to Schultz ( Nobel 1979) The description of Human Capital is a combination of three factors: The traits one brings to the job, one’s ability to learn & one’s motivation to share information and knowledge.
All these three factors need measurement to be understood from organizations and trigger respective decision makings.

Despite a reluctance of some HRs to address quantitative analysis there has been major progress. Most of them are still caught up in basic measures of HR efficiency such us recruitment cost, time to fill a vacancy, salary bill & benefits expense, turnover rates.
What else, could we see here? Can HR measures be other than cost measures? Can HR measure the benefit it brings into the organization or even know there is a benefit?

Investors in People is a new measure arriving in Business Greece that helps put together processes and actions that enhance business value through people.
Key performance indicators and employee engagement with the company strategy and its tactics to make this strategy reality are emerging business musts.

People were always and will remain critical to business success. Metrics now become critical to business soundness therefore people and metrics go hand–in–hand.
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Dr. Hatzikonstantis Leonidas
Partner, Ernst & Young
Leonidas Hatzikonstantis is a Partner in Ernst & Young’s Advisory Services practice based in Athens. He has 15 years of experience in providing advisory services to various sectors, including financial services, banking and insurance, as well as consumer goods, production, public sector and other.
His experience covers the areas of evaluation, selection, analysis and implementation of information systems, information risk management, governance and security, as well as the areas of internal audit, control, financial risk management and regulatory compliance.
Leonidas Hatzikonstantis holds an engineering degree from the National Technical University of Athens (Ethniko Metsovio Polytechneio), a Ph.D. from the Imperial College, London, and is a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA). He is a regular presenter in conferences and has published articles in scientific journals and the press.
Coordinator of the Round Table Discussion
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Kanioura Athina, Ph.D.
Global Analytics Lead for Accenture Interactive, and Head of IGEM (Italy-Greece-Emerging markets), Accenture Analytics
Athina Kanioura is the Lead of the Greek Accenture Interactive unit , IGEM Lead of AI and the Global Retailing Analytics expert. Athina specializes in econometrical analytics focusing on trade merchandising, improving marketing / communication effectiveness and optimizing marketing mix budgets, customer infused analytics, pricing and promotional effectiveness. Athina has had 6 years of practical experience in marketing-mix and promo mathematical modeling techniques, marketing strategy optimization, sales forecasting, statistical and econometrical data analysis, data-mining and market simulation techniques. Prior to Accenture , Athina has previously worked for 4 years in the University of Sheffield as a Lecturer in Economics/Econometrics. Regarding her academic background , Athina holds a B.Sc. in Maritime Economics from the University of Piraeus, a M.Sc. in Economics and Finance from the University of Sheffield as well as a PhD in Macroeconomics and Econometrics from the University of Sheffield.
Customer Analytics: Understand the importance of Predictive analytics as a critical success factor in every company
Having analytical capabilities and the best data in the world doesn’t create competitive advantage. Changing the way the business uses it is the only way to create advantage. Historically companies have been focusing on standard and ad hoc reporting which stemmed from descriptive analytics. However, more and more companies are moving up the sophistication curve, realizing the need for advanced statistical analysis, forecasting, predictive modeling and optimization. Through that Accenture Analytics offers the vision & strategy, data, methods, technology and people to design a high performance capability framework. Thus in this economic environment each company is looking to answer the key questions that relate to:
  • Marketing and Media through Marketing Mix and Media Tactical planning
  • Brand analytics through brand funnel and loyalty schemes
  • Product analytics through Trade and Merchandising, Assortment analytics and Space Optimisation
  • Pricing and Promotion analytics through optimal price setting and promotional uplift forecasting
  • Partner analytics through sales force optimization and distribution channels
  • Customer Retention and churn management
  • Sales demand forecasting
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Kokkinos Kyriacos
IBM Global Services Manager, IBM Hellas S.A.
Mr Kokkinos joined IBM in 1988 and is currently the Global Services Manager of IBM Hellas S.A. He is also the General Manager of IBM Cyprus. Throughout his career in IBM, he held a number of managerial positions at local and international levels. His academic qualifications include a Masters and Bachelors Degree in Electronics Engineering with specializations in Communications and Computer Engineering, (MScEE and BScEE from New Jersey Institute of Technology, NJ, USA), as well as IBM Corporate MBA from Henley Management College (UK), with specialization on Strategic Management.As a technologist and senior business leader, he is a strong believer of the already occurring socio-economic revolution fueled by the web capabilities and the era of new intelligence, promoting organizational excellence through innovation and creativity initiatives. He serves on the Board of Directors of a number of Professional, Business and semi-government organizations.

Current Posts:
  • Chairman of the Cyprus Association of Directors CyAD, the Professional Association of senior directors and executives, promoting the directorship profession and corporate governance.
  • Member of the Executive Board of Cyprus Employers and Industrialists Federation, being the leading business Association ( The federation serves as the dynamic force in Cyprus’ socio-economic development and is the representative of the entrepreneurial community.
  • Member of the Board of Directors of Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency CIPA ( CIPA is a State Owned Organization responsible promoting Cyprus as an attractive international business and investment centre and advocate reform to improve the regulatory and business environment. CIPA’s political sponsor is the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism and takes the lead in attracting foreign direct investment in conjunction and partnership with the private sector and related government organizations and agencies.
Leveraging New Intelligence for Business Optimization
With nearly 2 billion people on the Internet (and counting), and with more and more of the world’s systems becoming digitally aware, there is greater diversity in the forms and shapes data is taking—transactions of every kind, rich media, social media. Already, 30 percent of the data in the world consists of medical images. With more planetwide sensors than ever—a billion transistors for every human—more data than ever is being generated, and at far greater speeds. Yet, while data is growing at an exponential rate in volume and complexity, time is not. Which is why no organization, city or country can afford “enterprise amnesia.” And in order to to remain competitive, it will need to capture, understand and use all of the data. And that, in turn, is why the new science of analytics must be core to every leader’s thinking.
This is not, most importantly, about volume. The key to moving from “big data” to smarter data is to organize your information, in all its diversity; to understand its context; and to manage its continual evolution to achieve business optimization.
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Dr. Kyriakopoulos Kyriakos
Assistant Professor of Strategy & Marketing, ALBA
BA, Athens Agricultural University; MSc, Wageningen University, The Netherlands; Ph.D., Nyenrode University, The Netherlands

Dr. Kyriakopoulos’ research and teaching interests lie in the areas of strategic marketing, business strategy, and organizational learning. His doctoral thesis investigated the role of market orientation in Dutch cooperatives (funded by the Greek State Fellowship Foundation (IKY) and leading Dutch firms such as Rabobank and Ernst & Young). As a visiting scholar at University of Wisconsin-Madison, he did research on market learning. Prior to his appointment at ALBA, he worked as an Assistant Professor at Maastricht University and he received numerous grants for his research. His current work is on B2B innovation partnerships (forthcoming at Journal of Marketing) and improvisation in product innovation (forthcoming at Organization Studies) while his earlier research has appeared in leading international journals such as the International Journal of Research in Marketing, Journal of Management Studies, Agribusiness and international conferences. He has acted as a referee for journals and conferences such as Journal of Marketing, Organization Studies, American Marketing Association conferences.

Dr. Kyriakopoulos has extensive teaching experience at BA, MSc, and MBA level in Strategic Marketing, Business Strategy, and Marketing Management. He has taught executive seminars at Shell, Novo Nordisk, Vodafone and other leading Greek and multinational companies. He is a member of the American Marketing Association, Strategic Management Society, and European Marketing Academy.
Coordinator of the 1st Panel
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Madsen Mark
Founder, Third Nature, Inc.
Mark spent the past two decades working on analysis and decision support projects in many industries. He is the founder of Third Nature, a research and consulting firm focused on emerging technology and practices in analytics, BI and information management. Mark is also an award-winning former CTO and consultant who frequently speaks at US and European conferences. You can reach Mark via or on Twitter as @markmadsen.
Has Business Intelligence (BI) technology become a commodity?
Business intelligence and data warehousing have been with us in their current form since the mid-1980s. Most organizations have a BI program in place and own some BI technologies. The rise of open source and entry of Microsoft into this market led many to conclude that business intelligence is a commodity today.

Countering this belief is the spate of financial problems organizations faced over the past several years. Many of these problems could have been mediated or avoided if the organizations had used the information available to them at the time. The reality is that many organizations struggle to manage the data they have. The number of startups in the information management market grew tremendously over the past five years, signaling a belief that there is still much value to be derived from the data around us.

In this session we will look at the history and assumptions about information delivery in organizations, the current state of the market, and where organizations are finding value today
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Dr. Maniatis Andreas
Business Intelligence and Visual Analytics Department Director
Partner, CyberStream LTD
Dr. Andreas Maniatis has been an active member of the Greek IT industry for more than twenty years. Today he is a partner and Commercial Director at CyberStream LTD, a leading systems integrator and software manufacturer of state of the art tools and solutions. He also serves as Head of the Business Intelligence – Visual Analytics Unit of the company, the later being the appointed reseller for the TIBCO Spotfire Visual Analytics Platform.

Dr. Maniatis has participated in various projects in both the Public and the Private Sectors, where he has held positions ranging from developer to project manager to senior IT strategy consultant. He has also collaborated with the National Technical University of Athens and the General Secretariat of Research and Technology in many R&D programs in the European community.

Dr. Maniatis holds a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens and an MSc from the same institution. His domains of interest include Software Lifecycle Management, Data Warehouses and OLAP, Data Mining and Decision Support Systems, with specialization in the Visual Representation and the online, Interactive Exploration and Analysis of very large data sets. He has published numerous papers in prestigious scientific journals and international conferences.
Predictive Business Analytics through Visual Interactive Exploration: The TIBCO Spotfire paradigm
In the last few years, two key factors have dramatically changed the approach analysts have towards data exploration and analysis:
  • Available data volumes have exponentially increased, as they have been fed from additional, massive sources of new and complex information such as the search engines and social media environments, and
  • Business analysts have introduced new systematic approaches to the process of decision making across the organization, emphasizing in questions such as “why” and “what next”, as opposed to the simpler “what” and “who”, answered by contemporary Business Intelligence tools.
This convergence of data and analysis is ushering in a new business analytics model that also redefines the functional specifications supporting tools must possess, so as to answer within split seconds questions that lead to mission critical decisions. Predictive Business Analytics, a term that eloquently describes this new paradigm, are largely based on the most recent advances in the Information Visualization and the Human-Computer Interaction areas. Visual Interactive Analytics Platforms, such as TIBCO Spotfire, constitute a state-of-the-art framework that drives data exploration to a completely new level in terms of usability, accuracy and on time delivery of answers.
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Papaevgeniou Ioannis
CEO, Relational S.A.
Ioannis Papaevgeniou is the founder and CEO of Relational SA. During his many years of experience in IT, Mr. Papaevgeniou has gained significant expertise from a vast number of Business Analytics projects in Banking, Telcos, Commerce and the Public Sector. Prior to establishing Relational in 1995, Mr. Papaevgeniou worked for IBM and the Leumi Bank in New York, for Intrasoft / Databank (Intracom Group) as Technical Director and for MetaSoft as Senior Software Engineer.
Ioannis Papaevgeniou holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from New York University and a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from the Stevens Institute of Technology, New Jersey. Mr. Papaevgeniou has published a number of academic papers and reports in scientific journals.
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Sampanis Nikos
Country Manager, Greece & Cyprus of Forrester Research
Nikos Sampanis has been the Country Manager for Greece and Cyprus of Forrester Research since 2005. At the same time, he has been running Forrester’s Channel Partner for the territory, Tangent Ltd, as its General Manager.
Nikos Sampanis started his career in UK in 1989 as a Research Associate in the Computation Department of UMIST and subsequently served as a Senior Software Engineer in Lloyd's Register, at Croydon, until 1992. On his return to Greece he joined (Vodafone) Panafon in Athens in 1994 and served from various positions in its IT (Business Systems) Department, including those of Corporate IS Analysts Group Leader and Service Bureau and International Projects Group Leader.
In 2000 Nikos Sampanis joined Sun Microsystems as Regional Presales Manager for its Mediterranean region. In 2001 he was appointed as Country Manager for Greece & Cyprus for Sun Microsystems, then in 2003 he assumed the position of Regional Sales Manager for Southern and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa, with responsibility for the Education and Research industry sectors.
Nikos Sampanis holds an Electrical Engineering Degree from National Technical University of Athens, a Master’s Degree in System Design from University of Manchester and a Ph. D. from UMIST.
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Sglavo Udo
SAS Global Analytic Solutions Manager
Udo Sglavo has been at SAS for more than 10 years and has made significant contributions to the analytics components of the SAS Business Analytics Framework - which include SAS Forecast Server, SAS/ETS, SAS/OR and SAS Enterprise Miner. Prior to SAS, he spent over 5 years providing and consuming advanced analytical content and solutions to various enterprises ranging from Fortune 500 companies to internet startups. He received his diploma in mathematics from the University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt, Germany. Udo enjoys public speaking and working with customers to show how SAS can be utilized to solve their analytical challenges. He is also a member of the practitioner advisory board of Foresight magazine, published by the International Institute of Forecasters. In 2010 Udo received the SAS CEO Award of Excellence.
Leveraging SAS Business Analytics in Today's and Tomorrow's Economy
Historically, analytics have served the basic need to understand what has happened in the business to get where we are today. Over time, the power of analytical models has grown to where they are much more integral to organizational dynamics and processes and have direct impact on company performance. Organizations are beginning to embrace the value that analytics can drive the business to become more efficient and more effective. Management has started associating tangible monetary benefits to analytics. The SAS Business Analytics Framework provides a wide range of software solutions for exploring and analyzing data to help uncover patterns, opportunities and insights that can drive proactive, evidence-based decision making within your organization. This presentation explores the role of advanced analytical tools, techniques and practices in this exploding arena.
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Dr. Siniolakis Constantinos
Director, Consulting, PwC
Dr. Constantinos Siniolakis is a Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers and he is the Lead Practitioner for Technology in Greece. Constantinos holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Oxford and he has been in the consulting industry for the past fifteen years. During these years he has worked for numerous multinational organizations and has built extensive cross-industry experience in Information Technology, Operations, Project and Quality Management and Performance Improvement.

Some his clients include: Vodafone Group, Deutsche Telekom Group, WIND Group, Hellenic Telecommunications Operator, Hellas on Line, Hellenic Post, Hellenic Public Power Corporation, Hellenic Petroleum, Hellenic Ministry of Transportation, Hellenic Ministry of Finance. Constantinos is a Certified Information Security Auditor (CISA).
Coordinator of the 2nd Panel
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Spirtounias Elias
Executive Director, American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce
Spirtounias Elias is Executive Director of American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce.

After graduation from the School of Mathematics of the University of Athens, Elias Spirtounias completed his graduate studies at the School of Electrical Engineering (M.Sc. degree and Ph.D. studies) at Boston University. During his residence in the United States, he participated as a Research Engineer in several programs in co-operation with other organizations and companies such as NASA, MIT, UNH, working mainly in the fields of analog and digital electronics circuits design and applications.

He returned to Greece in 1992 and after completing his military service in 1994, he held the position of Technical Director for the subsidiary of the Italian company Citec SpA., a company specialized in the design, production and application of voice and image processing systems. From 1997 until February 2009, he worked for the Foundation of the Hellenic World, a major Greek non-profit cultural organization starting as a Construction Supervisor and continuing as a Director of the Cultural Center 'Hellenic Cosmos'. During his tenure, he contributed significantly to the expansion, development and operation of the Center and its establishment as one of the most known cultural sites in Greece and abroad. From March 2009, Elias Spirtounias holds the position of Executive Director of the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce.
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Tsiliras Giannis
CRM Director at COSMOTE Mobile Communications
Giannis Tsiliras is CRM Director at COSMOTE Mobile Communications in Athens. He is responsible for the establishment of customer lifecycle management programs with focus on customer retention and development for both consumer and corporate segments.

He started his career in the UK as an engineer in product development for Weetabix (Food industry) and then for Jaguar Cars (Automotive Industry) as a senior engineer for powertrain systems development. He continued his career with STET Hellas Telecommunications (currently known as WIND) being appointed to the position of the Commercial Processes Manager before joining COSMOTE in Dec 2003, as International Commercial Affairs Deputy Director.

He holds a Chemical Engineering Degree (University of Patras), a Master’s Degree on Statistics & Reliability Modeling (School of Mathematics, City University, London) and an MBA (Warwick Business School, Warwick University UK)
Business Analytics: a contemporary fortune teller... and more
Business is about making decisions and taking risks. The presentation touches upon the enhanced prediction capabilities that business analytics help to develop, a necessary skill for contemporary organizations managing scarce resources and ever demanding shareholders that limit the potential for second chances. Telecoms and large corporations in general seek efficiency and effectiveness in every aspect of their organizations. The ability to monitor and analyze operations complements the capability for taking calculated risks to ensure long term success just like the marathon runner weights her strengths, weaknesses and the long road ahead. Business analytics is a vital capability and skill in the telecoms business. From product and sales development to channel and process optimization, additional value is created using analytics. Finally, business analytics is a tool, not a solution. Although implementing the tool is a necessary first step, contemporary organizations need to ensure that they develop the appropriate human skill and culture to make the most out of it.
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Tsiptsis Konstantinos
CRM & Customer Intelligence Manager at EFG Eurobank
Author of the book: "Data Mining Techniques in CRM" (published by WILEY)
Konstantinos Tsiptsis was born in Athens Greece in 1971. He has an MSc in applied statistics and has been working as a customer intelligence manager in Eurobank EFG, for the last 5 years.

He wrote the book "Data Mining Techniques in CRM: Inside Customer Segmentation" which is a best seller in Europe regarding Data Mining.

He used to be an internationally experienced consultant who has in-depth understanding of numerous industries including banking, telephony and retail. His domains of expertise are mainly database marketing, data mining, customer segmentation management, direct response marketing and Campaign Management.

His domains of expertise are:
  • Customer Profiling and KPIs
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Customer Behavior Prediction
  • Next Best Activity
  • Life Cycle Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Event/Trigger based Marketing
  • Marketing Data marts
  • Market Research for Customer Centricity
  • Data mining & CMS tools evaluation
  • Gap Analysis for CRM
  • CRM Strategy & Cost Benefit Analysis

Life Cycle Management in Banking
  • Defining customers' life cycles
  • Using customer intelligence for life cycle management
  • Propensity modeling and next best activity
  • Setting objectives and KPIs for life cycle management
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