"Big Data & Business Analytics: Is it a Corporate Culture?"


09.50 Opening Remarks Tzellos Panos Managing Director of &
10.00 Welcome notes Bithas Sotiris Marketing Director, Telco Software Business Division, Intracom Telecom
10.05 Welcome notes Gerasi Eleni ISACA Athens Chapter Treasurer

Panel I:

Coordinator: Dr. Kyriakopoulos Kyriakos, Associate Professor of Strategy & Marketing, ALBA Graduate Business School at American College of Greece
10.10 Big Data: Yes I like it! Where is the value? A revenue generator? Can we measure ROI? Tsoubris Apostolos Director Head of Management Consulting Private Sector, ICAP Group
10.20 Social Technologies & Data Mining for Governance and Collaboration Mavridis Nikolaos Ph.D Founder and Director, Interactive Robots and Media Lab
10.30 Customer Centricity in Greek companies Tsiptsis Konstantinos CRM & Customer Intelligence, Head at Eurobank,
Author of the book: "Data Mining Techniques in CRM"
10.40 Data Privacy & Big Data Gerasi Eleni ISACA Athens Chapter Treasurer
10.50 Big Data Mining Kouvaras Dimitris Business Development, Business Analytics & In-memory Computing, SAP Hellas & Cyprus
11.00Q & A
11.20Networking - Coffee Break

Panel II: "Case Studies in Telcos & Banking"

Coordinator: Tortopidis Alexis, Manager, Enterpise Risk Services Department of Deloitte
11.50 "Digital Lifestyle" - Segmentation of the unlimited customer in Telecoms & Banks Hanegby Ronit Ph.D Wet-Water, Israel
12.00 Breaking the limits Aggelis Vasilis, Ph.D

Peleki Georgia
Head, Customer Intelligence
and Experience, Piraeus Bank SA

Assistant Manager, Customer
Insights and Campaign
Management, Piraeus Bank SA
12.10 Striving for Operational Efficiency & Revenue Generation in Telecoms: Big Data to the rescue - A real-life case study Sakelariou Spyros Content Delivery & VAS Section Manager, Intracom Telecom
12.25Q & A
13.00Networking - Light Snack

Round Table Discussion/Presentations: "Big Data & Business Analytics: Is it a Corporate Culture?"

Coordinator: Sampanis Nikos, Country Manager, Greece & Cyprus of Forrester Research
14.00 Analytics is an enabler for better business decisions Sirmakezis Sotiris General Manager, Retail Banking, Piraeus Bank S.A.
14.10 Let’s assume that we are full of Big Data. And … Tsiliras Giannis Consumer CRM & Channel Management Director at OTE and COSMOTE
14.20Round Table Discussion - Q & A
Participation to the discussion of the Round Table Bouras Giannis CEO, Minerva SA Edible Oil
15.00End of forum